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Our Story

The owner of SB Building Solutions  started working in the industry in 1986. SB Building Solutions is a family owned and managed business. Specializing in Electrical -Mechanical repairs and installations. To include HVAC systems, motors, motor controls (starters, contactors, relays) electrical clutches, brakes, electrical enclosures, belts, sheaves, chains, sprockets, gearboxes and mechanical power transmission equipment. We also provide electrical motor repair and rewind services. SB Building Solutions has field technicians, which are available to go out into the field and troubleshoot equipment that has failed, as well as in house technicians that are available for smaller projects.


Lastly, SB Building Solutions is known for assembling electrical control systems used to control various industrial processes. As a full service company, SB Building Solutions carries product lines supplied by a wide array of companies. If you need it, we either have it in stock, or can get it for you.

With such a large inventory all products are available with same day shipping. SB Building Solutions typically services Institutional customers including buildings such as government facilities, office buildings, schools and hotels. The services that SB Building Solutions provides are used in these facilities for items such as heating and cooling systems, laundry facilities and pump systems.


SB Building Solutions is known throughout the industry  as having technically competent employees who respond faster than their competitors. At SB Building Solutions we  strive to provide our customers with the Best Services and Products, at the Best Overall Value, to engineer, build, and maintain their electrical and mechanical systems.

Meet The Owner


Mr. William Mardorf

Our Clients

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