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About Us


Who We Are

SB Building Solutions LLC provides top quality Mechanical  and Electrical Installation & Repair Services to clients located in the New York City Metropolitan area.  We have a conveniently  located office in Brooklyn, New York . We are leading industry experts that can advise you on all the options you have when it comes to installing or servicing your Mechanical & Electrical equipment.


We Have Been Around

When your electrical or mechanical systems start causing outages in your home or business call SB Building Solutions. Over the years our team has just about seen it all. This is why when it comes to servicing or installing your electrical and mechanical equipment, we know what will work, and what will not work.

Our Core Values

Our company has foundational values that set the tone for the entire company. At the core of our foundational values are the promise of honesty, integrity, teamwork, and accountability for you actions.


We consider all our customers, partners when it comes to reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. SB Building Solutions and our customers share the same vision of a clean energy future. The entire team at SB Building Solutions is committed to fostering innovative repair solutions while incorporating technology into everything we do. We focus all our design and repair solutions around the idea of improving the quality of life for our customers and the world while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our environment.

Our Challenge to The HVAC Industry

Most companies are in the business of selling new equipment, SB Building Solutions is in the business of making logical repairs to your existing equipment. We challenge every company within the industry to stop the high-pressure sales of new equipment to customers, and to start looking at ways of repairing existing equipment.


If everyone in the world stopped throwing away things when they stopped working and started repairing them. The world would be a better place. SB Building Solutions looks forward any creative ideas that can be spurred through this challenge.


Education and Development of our Team.

Our team's ongoing education and training on the newest cutting-edge technology allows us to bring to our customers the latest innovations on the market.

Our Promise to Our Residential Customers

We promise to treat our residential customers like our very own family, and by extension, we treat their home as if it were our own.


We do not operate like most residential  service companies with most companies if your heating system dies in the middle of a cold night in January,  you might find it difficult to get a hold of someone at other service companies since most of them only work during standard office hours.


This is one of the things that differentiates SB Building Solutions from the other service companies. We promise to make sure your loved ones get the service they need to restore your heat, so they can stay safe and comfortable inside during the cold winter months.



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