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Control Panel Solutions

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Control Panel Solutions

Modernize Your System with a Custom Control Panel Solution.

SB Building Solutions can design, fabricate and install custom panels and automation systems for a variety of industries and applications.


For more than 25 years the team at SB Building Solutions has been providing control panel solutions to the industry.  SB Building Solutions  Solutions is your One Stop / Turn Key guaranteed source for electrical control panels. Our custom control panels increase efficiency, productivity, and provide ease-of-use!


Our team of experts provides services like:


  • Retrofitting a control panel for an existing system

  • Creating PLC panels to make your systems more efficient

  • Designing a VFD panel that meets your specific parameters


  • Electrical control panel design

  • Engineer, design, and fabricate custom control panel solutions

  • Retrofit existing control panels or automation systems

  • Complete electrical control system start-up capabilities

  • Variable speed AC/DC drive (VFD) control panels and systems

  • Custom electric motor control centers

  • Commercial pump control panels and systems

  • Commercial PLC control panels and systems

  • Combination electrical motor starter panels and systems

  • Human interface control systems

  • Process control systems



  • Increased customer efficiency, productivity and process up-time

  • Improved output quality

  • Quick quote response and delivery

  • Less waste and scraps

  • Well-documented, aesthetically pleasing, and easy troubleshooting

  • Electrical motor control panels constructed to NFPA 79 and UL specifications

  • Operator friendly

  • 100% guarantee on all MCC panels and automation systems



Application & Industry Types


  • Commercial Pump Control Panels

  • Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels

  • Material Handling & Electrical Control Panels

  • HVAC Fan and Pump Control Panels

  • Food Processing Control Panels

  • Pump Control Panels & Systems

  • Metal Forming Control Panels

  • Plastics Extrusion Control Panels & System

  • PLC, Data Acquisition Control Systems

  • Municipal Motor Control Panels

  • Government/Military Electrical Control Systems

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control Systems

  • Feed to Length Electrical Control Panels & Systems

  • Crusher / Pulverize Control Panels

  • Building Automation Control Panels

  • Punch Press Control Panels & Systems

  • Lift Station Control Panels

  • Industrial Process Control Panels

  • Crane Electrical Control Panels

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