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What is an AC Tune-up?

An AC Tune-up is a service that SB Building Solutions performs on your Air Conditioning System. A Tune-up should be performed yearly and prior to the start of the cooling season, wish is when your air conditioning system will be working the hardest. Our team will prepare your air conditioning unit to function properly during the cooling season while providing you with energy savings. The more you take care of  your system and tune-up your system the longer it will last and therefore, save you money.


Signs that your system needs a tune-up include:


  • Warm air coming out the vents,

  • Weak or decreased air flow

  • Strange sounds coming from the unit

  • Large temperature differences from room to room


Any of the above conditions could be a sign of a deeper issue within the system. It’s important to get any abnormal issue figured out right away before it turns into a larger, more expensive problem.


As part of our tune-up service we will perform the following:

  • Check refrigerant charge levels

  • Check for refrigerant leaks

  • Make sure all electrical connections and components are working properly

  • Check the run capacitor for bulging and/or unusual markings or color

  • Check and clean the outdoor condenser coil

  • Check indoor evaporator coil for blockage and apply self-rinsing cleaner when possible

  • Check and clean the condensate drainage system

  • Clean and adjust blower components

  • Check the air filter, and replace or clean


You can count on your local service expert SB Building Solutions to perform your AC tune-up service.

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