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Residential & Commercial Geothermal Energy Installation & Repair Services

While many people are aware of the growing climate crisis and would like to do their part to help, it can often be hard to make major changes to decrease ones carbon footprint. SB Building Solutions aims to make upgrading from a traditional HVAC system to a geothermal one not only environmentally-friendly but customer-friendly. From a healthier property to cost savings, geothermal is a smart choice not just for the planet but for you as well, no sacrifices needed.


Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems are both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The team at SB Building Solutions are experts at Capturing the Clean Free Heat Beneath Your Feet.


We have over 25 years’ experience installing residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling Systems. We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to designing, installing, or performing repairs to any geothermal or alternative energy system.

How Does a Geothermal System Work?


Geothermal systems get most of their energy from the consistent temperature of the earth. In the New York City and Lehigh Valley area, the earth remains a constant 50 to 55 degrees year round.

Winter Time Operation

In the winter time, this heat is absorbed by the loop system and carried into the geothermal system where it is compressed to a higher temperature. The result is a warm and comfortable property.

Summer Time Operation

In the summer time, the process is reversed. The warmth of the air in the property is absorbed by the geothermal system and deposited into the cooler earth through the loop system. The result is a cool, dehumidified, comfortable property.

Geothermal Benefits

  1. Clean: No combustion, more run time for air filtration.

  2. Quiet: Insulated cabinet and duct work, soft start fans, wrapped compressors.

  3. Safe: No flame or exhaust from combustion.

  4. Green: Gets most of its energy from the renewable energy stored in the earth.

  5. Efficient: 1 unit of electricity combined with up to 4 units of energy from the earth = effective 500% efficiency.

  6. Flexible: One system to perform many tasks: heating, cooling, hot water, radiant heating.

  7. Reliable: Few moving parts, all inside the property away from the harsh elements.

A SB Building Solutions geothermal system can replace your property's existing air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful geothermal heat pump system. Give us a call, you'll be glad you did. We look forward to working with you!

Image by Dan LeFebvre
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