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Energy Efficient Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Installation Services

SB Building Solutions LLC is an energy efficient industrial & commercial LED lighting installation company. We work direct with clients who occupy large buildings, such as:

  • Warehouse & Storage Buildings

  • Industrial Sites & Factories

  • Sports Halls & Leisure Facilities

  • Exhibition Centers


SB Building Solutions is committed to helping our clients in the New York City and the Lehigh Valley Area! reduce their lighting cost and carbon footprint leading to a brighter future. Our LED lighting systems slash the running costs of typical high bay & low bay light fixtures by up to 80 %. We replace outdated, inefficient 400 Watt & 250 Watt metal halide and sodium fittings (as well as older fluorescent tube) with energy saving LED lighting systems.

Our LED solutions are designed to replace fixtures on a point-for-point basis in large commercial & industrial buildings. These LED lights can also be integrated with a light level control system - allowing instant light dimming & switching.

Cost & Return on Investment Considerations

The installation of energy efficient LED lighting may be initially more expensive than incandescent bulbs but they prove to be cheaper in the long run for two reasons:

1) High Efficiency (& Reduced Electricity)

2) Lamp Life-time (& Reduced Maintenance Costs)

The value proposition of LED lighting that lasts > 20,000 hours is certainly better than one that lasts only 1,000 Hours. A higher initial outlay, therefore, is generally justified by future savings in electricity & lighting replacement costs.

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