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If your home or business has an electrical system that was installed 20, 30, or even 40 years ago, it may be lacking in its ability to provide your home or business with the required electrical need for today’s technology and major appliances.

Many homes and businesses have limited power and were often built with smaller electrical entrance cables because they lacked the need for central air, computers, multiple televisions, and so forth, years ago. Now you want to install or upgrade your Air Conditioning system and you find that you’re unable to install or upgrade something because the service entrance cables are to light. SB Building Solutions can upgrade your service and make sure your homes or businesses electrical system can handle the need load for today’s technology.  

SB Building Solutions performs service entrance upgrades that will increase your overall electrical service capacity, that will allow you to run all your modern devices and major appliances safely and reliably. A service entrance upgrade Installation will increase in the total power or (amperage) of your main electrical service.


This is especially important if your home or business currently has a smaller service like a 100-amp service. You will need to upgrade to a 200-amp service to work with all your modern electrical equipment.

Reasons for upgrading or replacing your electrical panel

  • Better Electrical Performance

  • Improved Electrical System Safety

  • Future Expansion

Call SB Building Solutions today to iprgrade your electrical service entrance cables and equipment. When we arrive we will discuss with you options for safe and reliable performance of your electrical service.

Image by Wendy Scofield
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