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SB Building Solutions is a licensed and insured electrical contractor. We install and repair electrical wiring in commercial and residential properties.  Quality wiring is an essential part of every electrical system. Wiring that is old, damaged, or overloaded can overheat or create arcs that ignite nearby materials. This is a common problem in older homes but can also happen when a substandard contractor wires the home.

Equipment Malfunctioning?

All the electrical appliances in your business or home are designed to operate with the correct voltage of electricity. If your electrical system or wiring is undersized, you could see interruptions or voltage drops that can cause equipment problems.


One prime example that your electrical wiring needs an electrical upgrade is when the lights in your home or business dim when the refrigerator or another major appliance starts running. This is a sign that you may need to upgrade your electrical wiring, and we can help you with that!If left alone the lack of adequate electrical voltage will strain the appliance, causing permanent damage.

Outdated Electrical Components

Older homes or businesses may have a lot of charm, but they can also have old knob and tube wiring. Older electrified homes used Knob & Tube wiring with screw in type fuses that were removed and replaced when they blew.


Property Insurance Issues


Knob & Tube wiring and screw in type fuses are so dangerous to use that your insurance company will not even cover a electrical fire claim if the find this type of wiring or fuses were in use at the time of the electrical fire. Any Knob & Tube electrical wiring or screw in type fuse system that is in a home or business should be replaced immediately.

Limited Number of Outlets

Another issue found in older homes and businesses is the limited number of outlets available. Remember years ago, people simply didn’t have as many electrical devices in their homes and businesses, so fewer receptacles were installed.


As the need to plug in electrical devices increased, people turned to power strips, extension cords, and other dangerous and unreliable solutions. If your home or business has this problem the best option for you and your family is to upgrade the wiring and receptacles in your home or business.

Disclosing Electrical Defects When Selling Your Property.


Disclosing electrical defects in your home or business property when placing the property on the real estate market is required by law. Savvy buyers will examine your existing electrical system to see if it’s up to the current standards and codes. They will be looking for a new breaker box and other visible aspects proving the home or business has been rewired to code.


If you plan to sell your home or business and currently have wiring issues, SB Building Solutions can modernize the wiring in your home or business.

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