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SB Building Solutions offers a wide range of recessed lighting products that they can install in residential and commercial properties. While many people believe that recessed lighting is easy to install, it takes a lot of expertise and experience to install it in the right places and appropriately.


Perhaps you want a new lighting solution for a commercial or residential property you own. Or you are searching for a reliable and cheaper way to give your home or business a newer modern look? Try recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting will give your home or business a perfect blend of functionality and modern style. When recessed lighting is chosen and expertly placed the lights effectively improve the lighting in poorly lit areas and add an extra decorative element.


Compared to other forms of lighting, recessed lighting is highly beneficial. Some of the potential benefits of recessed lighting include:

  • Cost efficiency: besides operating on a low voltage, recessed lighting comes with energy-efficient elements. You can also include a dimmer switch that reduces the consumption of energy significantly.

  • Ease of installation: you can install recessed lighting anywhere provided there is electrical access. Therefore, it is a perfect option for poorly lit areas such as in ponds, pools, porches, under staircases, patios, and even vaulted or sloped ceilings.

  • Multi-functionality: you can use recessed lighting for various uses, including general ambiance, showcasing of architectural elements, or even on art pieces.

  • This lighting option is perfect for brighter task lighting, especially for work spaces like garages, home office, or kitchen.

  • Customization: you can tailor the recessed lighting trim to match your tastes, needs, and preferences. For instance, you can use it for architectural designs, simple rings, decorative, and mirror-like surfaces.


Our team of in-house electricians are lighting experts are committed to giving your home or businesses a new modern look through our recessed lighting  installation service program. 

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